Realtime 3D Space Combat !

  • Customize your ships with cool weapons
  • Skill based combat. Tournament style scoring
  • Thousands of players from around the world
  • Lead your squadron to victory
  • Free to play, Play to win !

Ship Builder !

  • Over 100 ship combinations
  • Powerful weapons like charging torpedoes
  • Action first ! Limited leveling.
  • Horizontally balanced upgrades.
  • Single in-app purchase to unlock all content.

Clan System !

  • Join squadrons of players from around the world.
  • Coordinate attacks with global chat and messaging.
  • Win clan prestige and bragging rights

Awesome Environments !

  • Blast asteroids into your enemy
  • Fight in planetary orbit
  • Push your enemy into black holes
  • Sneak inside of nebula's
  • Use tactics to win !

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